May 2011
Volume 2, Issue 5

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DENTSPLY to "Lab Smarter"

DENTSPLY Prosthetics rolls out new branding campaign for laboratory market.

DENTSPLY Prosthetics has unveiled a new branding campaign, asking its laboratory customers to "Lab Smarter." The idea behind the slogan is that working with DENTSPLY can help labs do their jobs more productively, more cost-efficiently, and more reliably, especially in the face of challenging times.

"We are energizing our entire organization around this single notion," says Cathy Bonser, director of marketing at DENTSPLY Prosthetics. "By turning a noun like ‘lab’ into a verb, DENTSPLY is creating an easy-to-remember, convenient summary that encompasses all that labs can offer their customers, and all that DENTSPLY can do to help."

The company has a significant portfolio of products for fixed and removable prosthetics and is a trusted provider of outsourced restorative services. "Labs are experiencing rising expectations from their customers, who are looking for greater levels of service, quality, and consistency," Bonser explains. "And they want it all much faster and at a lower cost."

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