Inside Dental Technology
May 2011
Volume 2, Issue 5

An Interview with Dan Boskocevic

Inside Dental Technology (IDT): Most of our readers may not know that GC Corporation is a global company based in Japan. Can you tell us about GC's philosophy and the culture behind product development and manufacturing?

Dan Boskocevic (DB): The philosophy and culture of GC worldwide is rooted in the Japanese word Semui, a term that comes from ancient Buddhist teachings. In terms of its definition, it could most closely be compared to the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It is a philosophy of respect for others and doing good for society.

Our 11,000+ products cover the broad spectrum of the dental profession—from the operatory and laboratory to the dental hygienist. This puts us in a unique position to support all aspects of dental care and provide customers with dental materials and equipment that are quality-tested for safety, reliability, and effectiveness, not only for the patient but also for the environment.

IDT: How does this philosophy and culture project itself in GC's approach to product development, management, and customer relations?

DB: We believe our mission is to respond to the changing needs of global markets. Critical to that process is listening to and respecting our customers' needs and the demands of the market. We then take those expressions of need and develop products that not only will help our customers, but also are beneficial for the patient. By following this philosophy, we stay sharply focused on meeting the needs of customers and contributing to society by introducing products that improve oral hygiene and the general health of all people. As a sector of the medical industry, our first priority is to develop products that are good and helpful for others.

IDT: Can you point to a specific product development where this philosophy was employed?

DB: Our recent introduction of GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes is a perfect example of listening to our customers' need for products and processes in our Initial line of ceramics that would help them speed production time. In the beginning, our Initial IQ pressing ingots required the cut-back and layer technique to fully realize the optimal esthetics of the porcelain overlay. Now, using our newly developed Lustre Pastes, technicians can press a full-contour restoration and with one overlay application, achieve full three-dimensional esthetics. This development is helping our customers not only increase production, but also stay competitive in the marketplace while providing clients and patients with a highly esthetic end product.

IDT: Looking ahead to the future, what new product innovations and initiatives does GC have in the works?

DB: The global vision that the corporation has set forth as a challenge to all GC associates is to be the number one dental company in the world by 2021. Currently, we are the number one dental manufacturer in Japan and one of the leading dental companies worldwide. Within that vision is our commitment to develop cutting-edge products that will keep our customers one step ahead of the curve in their ability to react to changes in the market and have products at their disposal to better serve their clients and the patient.

Because the voice of the customer is so important to our mission as a company, one of the projects we will be initiating is expansion of our GC Membership Society program. Started in 1955, this is a society in Japan, comprised of 48,000 dentists, laboratory technicians, and hygienists that aims to make contributions to research and development of state-of-the-art technologies and products through close collaboration and sharing of information. It is a think-tank, if you will, designed for members to learn from one another and to help the company to develop new and collaborative products that bring value to the customer and will contribute to the health of society as a whole.

As an extension of that, we will be expanding our role to educate and help our customers grow their businesses. In turn, this helps us grow as a corporation and become an even more vital contributor to worldwide dental health.

About the Interviewee

Dan Boskocevic is the Dental Laboratory Market Development Manager for GC America Inc., where he has played a key role for the past 6 years in the company's laboratory products segment. Well-recognized for his technical skills, he has worked for leading laboratories in the country and co-authored articles with dentists in major industry publications.

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