March 2011
Volume 2, Issue 3

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Whip Mix Acquires Jelrus Line

Whip Mix will take over manufacturing, sales, and repairs for Jelrus burnout oven product line.

Whip Mix recently acquired the Jelrus burnout oven product line from Air Techniques, Inc. "Jelrus, the dental laboratory division of Air Techniques, has a proven record of providing well-built, dependable lab equipment, and the acquisition enhances the existing Whip Mix Furnace product line," says David Steinbock, vice president of corporate services at Whip Mix.

Whip Mix will now be responsible for the manufacturing, sales, and both in- and out-of-warranty repairs for the Jelrus Infinity and P.D.Q Digital Single-Stage burnout ovens. All inquiries should be directed to Whip Mix Customer Service’s toll free number at 800-626-5651. Distribution will continue through a global dealer network. "We want to see the Jelrus burnout ovens continue to be a fixture in dental labs for many years to come," adds Rick Povak, president of Air Techniques. "Lou Brooks would be proud."

From left to right: David Steinbock, vice president of corporate services at Whip Mix Corporation, and Rich Povak, president of Air Techniques.

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