Inside Dental Technology
March 2011
Volume 2, Issue 3

Council Sees Spike in Memberships

IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council shipped record number of certificates in 2010.

The IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council shipped a record 17.6 million certificates in 2010 for dental laboratories to use in documenting the content and quality of restorative materials, according to Charles Yenkner, executive director of the council. This represented an 8-percent increase over 2009.

The upsurge was driven by much greater interest among laboratories, dentists, and patients in the material content of dental restorations, Yenkner says.

In addition, seven new companies applied for and received licenses to use the council’s materials verification system. "Our goal is to enroll all the manufacturers and distributors of alloy and ceramic substructure materials into this voluntary, self-regulatory program," explains David Sklarski, chief executive officer of Sterngold LLC and president of the IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council. "We are pleased with the continuing growth in Council membership and the widening use of the certificates as a simple, positive way to verify material content for labs, dentists, and patients."

For more information regarding the council’s materials documentation program, call 888-577-2634 or visit www.IdentAlloy.org.

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