Inside Dental Technology
March 2011
Volume 2, Issue 3

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Available through the NADL, the Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit System (DAMAS) is a voluntary, third-party auditing specification for dental laboratories. The requirements set forth in DAMAS are based upon the quality management principles specified in ISO, but are geared specifically toward the dental laboratory setting. The DAMAS specifications provide a clear-cut process for improving documentation in every facet of laboratory operations including: dental prescriptions/work authorizations; patient contact materials; subcontractor/supplier agreements; material and equipment purchases; employee training; maintenance and calibration of equipment; labeling; customer complaints; and material traceability.

The standards required by DAMAS closely mirror the US Food and Drug Administration’s Quality System/Good Manufacturing Practice (QS/GMP) specifications, which are required of all dental laboratories conducting business in the US.

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SafeLink Consulting Inc.

SafeLink specializes in business practice management in the areas of health and safety, quality management systems, DAMAS, ISO, and consulting on Lean processes. It provides business and risk management consulting services, workshops, and seminars to facilities throughout the US.

SafeLink also offers the DIY Quality Connection on CD, an affordable way for the dental laboratory to develop its own quality system to comply with FDA requirements. 

The program is designed to help laboratories easily customize and print their own dental lab-specific quality manual by providing various resources, including easy-to-follow instructions, evaluation tools, sample forms, and standard operating procedures. SafeLink also hosts training webinars on specific quality system topics to complement this program. 

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Intertek is an internationally recognized management systems registrar, offering auditing, inspection, testing, quality assurance, and certification services. They assist businesses in various industries locally and globally in ensuring their products meet quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards. One of their goals is to help businesses develop a management system that is more than a manual or certificate. Their audits are process-based, focused on minimizing business risk and maximizing efficiency. As a partner with the NADL in providing training on DAMAS certification, Intertek helps laboratories go beyond basic compliance to develop a quality management system that meets the unique needs of the dental industry.

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Website: www.intertek.com

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