Inside Dental Technology
Nov/Dec 2010
Volume 1, Issue 2

Kerr's Ultra-Waxer 2

A complete systematic approah, the Ultra-Waxer 2 line improves waxing precision to deliver consistent, high-qualiy castings.

Three decades after launching its premiere line of electronic waxing products, Kerr Corp releases the Ultra-Waxer 2 line, its second generation of waxing equipment. It includes three complementary pieces of equipment—the Ultra-Waxer 2 electronic waxing unit, the Wet-Waxer 2 wax-warming bath, and the Micro-Dip 2 precision-wax dipping unit.

Laboratory technicians can use this trio to begin the lost-wax casting process with a complete systematic approach to dental prosthetic waxing that enables them to consistently deliver high-quality castings. The line offers many advanced features, including precise temperature control, ergonomically designed tools for comfortable use and increased productivity, and wax dipping and warming units that are designed to improve control during the wax application process.

Ultimate Wax Control

The Ultra-Waxer 2 electronic waxing unit includes dual spatulas to optimize productivity. Featuring an all-aluminum, lightweight design, the Ultra-Spatulas increase user comfort and also include 10 interchangeable heating tips, which are color-coded for quick identification. The foam grips on the spatula allow technicians to change the tips while they are still hot. The unit also incorporates a convenient tip holder that helps technicians to keep eight interchangeable heating tips organized and easily accessible. Easy-to-use functions such as programmable presets and a quick heat function are designed to help technicians increase efficiency.

Designed for use with the Ultra- Waxer 2, the Wet-Waxer 2 wax-warming bath provides temperature-controlled wax in a semi-soft to liquid state, optimizing the wax build-up process. It includes four square tins and one rectangular tin that can be used as a warming bath for softening wax parts or as a larger supply of frequently used wax. All the tins are removable so the basin can be used as a larger warming bath. The Wet-Waxer also comes with a clear plastic cover to eliminate the risk of wax contamination.

The line also includes the Micro-Dip 2 electronic wax dipping unit, which precisely controls the thickness of dipped wax copings. The LED digital screen displays the desired temperature setting and will maintain the dipping wax within one degree of that temperature. Designed to consistently produce accurate dipped wax copings, the unit features a comfortable dipping surface for right- or lefthanded use and a clear plastic cover to protect wax from contaminants.


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