Inside Dental Technology
October 2010
Volume 1, Issue 1

Opportunities for Advanced Education

For technicians who want to take their skills and knowledge to the next level, there are a myriad of institutes and education centers from which to choose. Below is a sampling of comprehensive training courses available.

American Society of Master Dental Technicians

At the New York University College of Dentistry, the ASMDT offers a comprehensive educational program designed to earn students the master dental technologist designation. The curriculum includes but is not limited to lectures and hands-on courses in tooth anatomy and physiology, articulators and articulation, fixed and variable determinants, functional waxing techniques, material science and behavior, plus mouth rehabilitation and partial denture design and attachments.
Phone: 718-746-8355
Web: www.asmdt.com

The Dawson Academy

The Dawson Academy covers four areas of study: the core curriculum, advanced restorative principles and procedures, dental medicine, and practice and professional growth. Courses include Functional Occlusion—from TMJ to Smile Design or Occlusion and Function; Achieving Predictable Esthetic Results; and Advanced Problem Solving. The Dawson Academy Lab Association gives their dentists access to laboratories with qualified occlusion-trained technicians who are schooled by the academy.
Phone: 800-952-2178
Web: www.thedawsonacademy.com

Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy

At IDEA’s training facility in Foster City, California, top technicians teach intense hands-on training and advanced courses including Replicating Nature with Implants; Functions and Dysfunctions of the Masticatory Organ; and Fascination of All-Ceramics.
Phone: 866-700-IDEA (4332)
Web: www.ideausa.net

Kois Center

Technicians can participate in a series of courses working toward a recognized specialist designation at the Kois Center. Located in the heart of Seattle, Washington, their dental training center provides a rich environment for advancing the use of implants, periodontics, and restorative and esthetic dentistry. Coursework includes Treatment Planning I; Functional Occlusion I; Biomechanics; Fixed Retained; Removable Retained; and Functional Occlusion.
Phone: 206-621-5310

Las Vegas Institute (LVI)

Technicians can achieve master esthetic technician status by completing a series of LVI courses, including Core 1: Advanced Functional Dentistry; Neuromuscular Tech; Full Mouth Waxing; Smile Design and LVI Smile Design II. They can also take the LVI technician exam to earn the distinction of LVI fellow.
Phone: 888-584-3237
Web: www.lviglobal.com

The Pankey Institute

The Pankey Institute added a new series of dentist/ceramist courses to its lineup. Aesthetics I and II are designed to give the dental team in-class instruction and live patient experience. In the Aesthetics I class, students learn about smile analysis and design, function and esthetics, photography, “trial smile” direct composite case mockup, and restorative materials. Aesthetics II involves actual casework, advanced communication with the dental technician, collaborative waxup and provisional fabrication, and final fabrication and seating.
Phone: 800-4Pankey (472-6539)
Web: www.pankey.org

Tufts University

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine’s Postgraduate Prosthodontics Division offers advanced education and related research in areas such as Advanced Dental Ceramics; Implantology; Attachments; and Milling Techniques. The program offers interaction with postgraduate prosthodontics residents through clinical cases and provides the opportunity to observe treatment and outcomes of clinical patients through fabricating prostheses.
Phone: 617-636-6629
Web: https://dental.tufts.edu

UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry

This 2-year, full-time graduate program places heavy emphasis on direct interaction between the technician, dentists, and patient, with the technician working closely with the treating dentist from diagnosis to case completion. There is extensive training in natural tooth morphology, esthetic tooth arrangement, smile design, diagnostic waxing, and acrylic prototype (provisional) fabrication. Material science and selection for various clinical situations and dental photography are also covered.
Phone: 310-206-8388 (press 4)
Web: www.edmclaren.com

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