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Europe’s Largest OEM Clear Aligner Manufacturer Now in the USA

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2023

K Line Europe, the number one manufacturer of OEM Clear Aligners in Europe, has recently received FDA registration to offer its top selling K Clear Aligners in the United States. K Line boasts a best-in-class refinement rate of only 15.8%. The low refinement rate means that the practitioner will have more predictable case outcomes, more satisfied patients, and be more productive since they will be spending less time reworking existing cases due to the higher refinement rates of other competitors.

K Line Europe’s industry leading process achieves its 15.8% rate by having every case created by an expert team of Orthodontists and Dentists, not an AI software program, or lab tech. K Line currently manufactures 7,000 aligners daily to exact specifications at its new, state-of-the- art facility in Germany. The aligners, made from K Line’s own K Flex, a multi layered material, which provides increased patient comfort, durability, and predictable movement.

K Line’s submission portal is free of charge, no monthly fees, and works with all 3D IO Scanners creating a universal STL file. All aligners are manufactured in 3-5 days after case submission, then overnighted to its newly opened distribution center in Florida, where they are boxed up, and shipped out to the clinic, free of charge. This entire process takes only 14-16 days on average.

K Line products will soon be available from most full service dental dealers. K Line also offers private label opportunities to Dealers, Groups, and DSO’s. To find out more information, contact your authorized K Line dealer, or visit our website at


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