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League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Joins OraPharma in the Fight Against Gum Disease

Posted on Thursday, September 21, 2023

Partnership Aims to Educate Hispanic Communities About the Signs, Symptoms, and Prevalence of Gum Disease

Collaboration Launches During Hispanic Heritage Month With Activations Featuring Patient Ambassador Alex Rodriguez

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Bausch Health Companies Inc. (NYSE:BHC),(TSX:BHC) and its oral health care business, OraPharma, today announced its collaboration with the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) - the largest and oldest Hispanic organization in the United States - to foster a greater understanding of gum disease detection, and treatment within the Hispanic community.

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a chronic bacterial infection that affects nearly 65 million American adults and is even more common among Latinos. The most common symptoms of gum disease are bleeding during or after brushing and red or swollen gums. Further, studies show gum disease may be associated with increased risk for other chronic conditions throughout the body such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which may considerably affect the Hispanic community.

This partnership includes LULAC's involvement in supporting the Cover Your Bases campaign, a national awareness initiative featuring patient ambassador and World Series Champion, Alex Rodriguez, who is helping to raise disease awareness by encouraging people to talk to their dentist about their oral health, including screening for gum disease.

"I'm proud to welcome LULAC to the Cover Your Bases campaign to help educate the Latino community on the importance of identifying the signs and symptoms of gum disease," said Rodriguez. "I was lucky my dentist diagnosed my gum disease early and implemented a comprehensive treatment plan. I hope that by sharing my story I can help more people do the same, especially since we know gum disease is more prevalent in men and within the Latino community."

OraPharma's work with LULAC includes a range of educational resources featuring Alex Rodriguez that will be distributed across the organization's social and digital channels. OraPharma will also be at LULAC's National Health Summit in Dallas, TX on October 21st to help educate attendees about gum disease and treatment options.

"As an organization dedicated to advancing the health of the Hispanic population in the United States, LULAC is honored to join hands with OraPharma and Alex Rodriguez to share this important message," said Juan Proaño, LULAC Interim-CEO. "Millions of Hispanic Americans suffer from gum disease, yet many individuals are unaware and undiagnosed. Coupled with the potential associated health risks, gum disease is a chronic condition, so we must help heighten awareness surrounding this condition and arm our members with information that encourages them to take action and talk to their dentist.

For patients with gum disease, it's important to consider a comprehensive treatment plan to help fight the bacteria that causes gum disease. Like other bacterial infections, a dentist can treat gum disease. A treatment option for adults with gum disease is an antibiotic called ARESTIN® (minocycline HCI), which is used in combination with scaling and root planing (SRP) and applied at the site of infection. ARESTIN is part of an overall oral health program that includes good brushing and flossing habits.

"As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, OraPharma is proud to partner with respected organizations like LULAC to address gum disease as an often-overlooked health disparity in the Latino community," said Tom Stern, Vice President and General Manager at OraPharma. "Though there is no cure for gum disease, we hope that the mission we're on together will help to bridge the information gap and empower the Hispanic community to take control of their oral health by speaking with their dentist and seeking a treatment plan that may help manage the condition."

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