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Something New, BeYou! Curaprox Introduces 2 New Toothpaste Flavors Peach + Apricot and Watermelon

Posted on Monday, June 6, 2022

Curaprox's new BeYou toothpaste provides gentle whitening, every day. With two flavors, two colors, long-lasting freshness, and naturally white teeth, these toothpastes represent a new dimension of oral health. In addition to the bright colors and surprising flavors, the toothpaste features gentle enzymatic whitening provided by glucose oxidase. It visibly brightens teeth without bleaching or abrasion – simple and beautifully natural. There’s no aggressive foaming agent like SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), no triclosan or microplastics – just menthol power pearls for long-lasting fresh breath. Hydroxyapatite protects sensitive tooth-root surfaces, and xylitol is effective against bacteria. With an RDA of 50, these vegan toothpastes are ultra-effective, yet completely gentle. They make boring oral hygiene an enjoyable experience.

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