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Inside Dental Hygiene
February 2023

Advancing Careers Through Hands-on Education

2-day integrative experience allows hygienists to expand their horizons

Joy D. Void-Holmes, RDH, BSDH, DHSC

This past November, I had a front-row seat watching my dream of hosting a two-day, hands-on workshop designed for dental hygiene professionals shift from vision to reality. For years I have wanted to create an avenue for dental hygienists to increase their value in the clinical setting by helping them to master their clinical skills, and I wanted to create a safe space for my colleagues to train with new materials and tools and to feel comfortable asking for help in areas where they may be struggling. Precision, Power, Prevention: The Ultimate Integrative Experience delivered all of that and more. I base the success of this event on the collaborative effort put forth by my amazing team. We had a common goal in mind, which was to provide a unique and memorable experience while delivering high-quality education by the industry's leading experts.

This event also proved that dental hygienists can deliver high-quality continuing education for the entire dental team, not just RDHs. We had a virtual component led by India R. Chance, BSDH, RDH, CDIPC, and Emily Boge, EdD, RDH, CDA, that many dentists attended. Here, they were able to satisfy many of the states' course requirements for compliance, which included risk management of medical emergencies, infection control, and OSHA classes.

We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback after the event. Dovetta Johnson, Director of Marketing Communications and Director of Professional Relations - Hygiene with VOCO, states, "The Precision, Power, Prevention (P3) conference is laying the groundwork for hands-on events in 2023 and beyond. The passion and commitment was exhibited by each and every lecturer and proctor attached to this event, and the attendees were engaged and wanting more. One of my main takeaways is that everyone, whether they were an attendee, staff, lecturer, or proctor, worked in unison with each other to provide a ‘safe space' for all, which garnered in-depth, nonjudgmental conversations that enhanced the learning experience. Potential attendees are waiting anxiously as to where this event will appear this year. Based on last year's success, we can't wait to engage with this year's attendees."

We have already locked in dates for Precision, Power, Prevention this year in several locations, with more to come. For the most up-to-date information and registration information, visit

About the Author

Joy D. Void-Holms, RDH, BSDH, DHSc, is the founder of Dr. Joy, RDH, co-founder of Jell-Ed, and the creator of the Dental Hygiene Student Planner.

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