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Inside Dental Hygiene
February 2022
Volume 0, Issue 0

Expert Opinions

Inside Dental Hygiene (IDH): Is everyone looking for smaller and lighter handpieces?

Joy D. Void-Holmes, RDH, BSDH, MHSc: Lighter weights are critical because this is something you need to use for every patient. Most dental hygienists also are looking for the cordless handpieces, primarily to be in compliance with infection control standards that require a handpiece connected to a unit to be sterilized for each patient. Cordless handpieces are more cost-effective; with many of them, you can have one motor with replaceable sheaths. Another benefit is increased freedom of movement for ergonomic purposes.

IDH: How important is a low noise level?

Void-Holmes: The ADA has been studying the effects of noise in dental offices since the 1950s. In addition to long-term hearing loss, loud handpieces can contribute to stress and high blood pressure.

IDH: What's new and exciting in hand instruments?

Void-Holmes: So many companies are innovating with ergonomically friendly handles that are much wider for added comfort, and they are being developed with all types of materials. The texture and knurling on the surface has become very advanced to provide better grips. The hybrid designs are exciting as well, as some new instruments have the design features of three-in-one, allowing us to be more efficient. Ultrasonic scaling is another powerful tool, as long as you are educated properly on using it.

IDH: What other advice would you offer?

Void-Holmes: Try before you buy. Take any opportunity for a hands-on course. The last thing you want is to figure out how to use a new tool while with the patient.

iProphy Air

The iProphy Air is the Future of the Dental Hygiene Handpiece. Its slim, ergonomic design is 15% lighter and 10% shorter than competitive handpieces. Patient comfort is enhanced with its virtually silent operation. The versatile product is compatible with all standard doriot style disposable or metal angles and connects directly to all 4-hole tubing. In addition, it is 100% autoclavable. • 888-675-1675

Cavitron 300 Ultrasonic Scaling System

The Cavitron 300 Ultrasonic Scaling System is designed to be user friendly while providing options for an improved scaling experience, such as the exclusive Steri-Mate 360 rotating handpiece, which is designed to enable easy insert manipulation. The Cavitron family of inserts offers a broad selection of ultrasonic scaling inserts to fit the needs of your practice and patients. • 844-848-0137

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