Inside Dental Hygiene
October 2021
Volume 0, Issue 0

Product Watch

TrollFoil 4.5

TrollFoil 4.5 is TrollDental's new addition to the TrollFoil product line. At 4.5 μm thin, it is the thinnest articulating product on the market. Research shows that thinner articulating foil is better, especially when you need to fine-tune that one little spot that the patient feels, but that you cannot get with your normal articulating product. Your adjustments are precise instead of grinding all over the place. It is the perfect product to make getting those hard to dial in bites fast and easy.

Spry Toothpaste

Spry toothpaste (Xlear Inc.) announced a new, more effective formula based on new research. A new study, published in the Journal of Dentistry, concludes the combination of fluoride and nanosized trimetaphosphate (TMP) more effectively hardens teeth against damage and decay than fluoride alone. The study concludes: The TMP toothpaste "promoted a greater protective effect against enamel demineralization and significantly affected the composition of biofilm formed in situ compared to [1100 ppm fluoride] toothpaste."

Wingers I.B. (Integrated Barrier)

The Wingers Integrated Barrier disposable bitewing features three products in one. Unlike any other sensor positioner on the market today, this unique product provides a sensor holder already inside a comfort-padded, elastic, seamless infection-control barrier. This reduces clinical setup time to obtain a radiological image from approximately 60 seconds to 5 seconds with average cost savings over purchasing three separate items of up to 20%.

Zen CP+

Zen CP+® alleviates discomfort from dentin hypersensitivity by mineralizing and occluding the dentin surface and deep inside the dentin tubules. New patent-pending microsphere technology (CAPOSAL®), available in the US only from DenMat through select suppliers, delivers Calcium Magnesium Phosphate in a unique way that provides more relief from tooth sensitivity.

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