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Inside Dental Hygiene
May 2021


The minimally invasive prophy paste

1. Optimized filler particles for a smooth patient experience without a sandy feeling.

2. Fine Dual Filler (FDF) Technology* allows for gentle but effective stain removal.

3. No parabens, nuts, or gluten for reduced allergy risks.

4.  Color-coded grits for easy identification:
Green = Fine
Yellow = Medium
Red = Coarse

5. Simple selection process of three delicious flavors: fresh Mint, sweet Caramel, and fruity Cherry.

"I use CleanJoy with every prophy. It doesn't splatter and it simply melts away. My patients notice a difference in texture and appreciate a smooth smile with less grittiness. Once you use it, it's hard to go back. I love it."

Alicia Murria, RDH

Specifications Include:

• Removal of surface, soft and hard plaque

• Removal of extrinsic discoloration (eg, staining from coffee, tea, or tobacco)

• Cleaning and polishing restorations within the framework of a professional tooth cleaning • 888-658-2584

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