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Inside Dental Hygiene
May 2021

Barbara Beth Bosak, RDH

"It's an honor to care for you." That sums up the personal philosophy of Barbara Beth Bosak, RDH, lead hygienist at Highpoint Dental Medicine in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Bosak has arrived at this patient-centric focus based on years of experience, working in pedodontic, periodontal, and general dental practices. First as an assistant then as an RDH, Bosak, who is also a registered nurse, understands what is required to have a successful dental hygiene practice and enjoys being part of a team that makes it happen.

It starts with Brian Wilk, DMD, who sets clear expectations, but it is most important that the entire staff works as a team-with and for each other-to ensure patients routinely receive the highest level of customized care. "We are able to focus on treating the patient's needs without limitations on time or other concerns," Bosak says. "That is so important as a professional, and the patients know we care." Building patient trust and communicating clearly are key to treatment acceptance and improving continuity of oral hygiene care at home. Using one's skills and knowledge to provide requisite care, while putting patients at ease and engaging them to assume a more active role in their own oral hygiene are indeed noble goals for health care providers. For some, it is an honor.

Pictured from left are Alina Cuko, RDH; Barbara Beth Bosak, RDH; Victoria Stasiak, RDH; and Elina Osipyan, RDH.

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