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Inside Dental Hygiene
February 2021
Volume 17, Issue 2

NuPro Freedom Polishing System

1. The disposable polyethlene barrier protects the inner module from debris.

2. The autoclavable, sealed outer sheath, protects the inner module from contamination.

3. The single-use disposable prophy angles guarantee performance and accurate cup speed.

4. Dye-free Nupro® Extra Care® Prophy Paste with fluoride and NovaMin® is clinically proven to offer immediate sensitivity elief that lasts up to 28 days, providing increased  patient comfort with just one application.*

5. With a wide variety of flavors to meet the needs of patient preferences, Nupro® Prophy Paste has a unique proprietary formulation designed to deliver consistent, splatter-free performance.

"I enjoy using Nupro paste not only because I know I'm providing my patients with an excellent cleaning, but I also love that it doesn't create excess splatter all over me OR the patient. In today's environment, that extra layer of safety is extremely comforting."

Mandy Macachor, RDH


Speed/power: 25% more than competitors

Battery life: All day

Recharge: 15 minutes • 844-848-0137

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