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Inside Dental Hygiene
August 2020
Volume 16, Issue 4

A Handpiece to Keep Both Hygienist and Patient Healthy

Sheri B. Doniger, DDS, on iProphy Air

The iProphy Air low-speed handpiece features a slim, easy-to-grasp design that is up to 15% lighter and 10% shorter than competitive handpieces, helping to minimize hand fatigue. Patient comfort will be greatly enhanced with the iProphy Air's virtually silent operation. In addition, it works with all standard doriot-style disposable or metal angles and connects directly to all four-hole tubing.

What makes the iProphy Air so different?

At 45 grams (1.6 ounces), it does not weigh heavily in your hand and does not torque your wrist, and it is also shorter and quieter than other handpieces.

In a post-COVID world, why is this handpiece so important for dentists?

The iProphy Air handpiece is fully autoclavable, and it is also easily maintained and lubricated.

What financial benefits does it offer?

The iProphy Air is compatible with all standard four-hole tubing, so the handpiece is not only portable from room to room, but also cost effective.

My career began as a dental assistant, and then I completed a dental hygiene program, and, 2 years later, pursued my dental degree. I still perform my own hygiene procedures. Dentists and dental hygienists both face musculoskeletal problems due to poorly balanced instruments and misunderstood ergonomics. The ability to work with properly balanced dental instruments that do not torque or put undue pressure on wrists, shoulders, and other joints is paramount to practicing pain-free. I also want my instruments to be easily maintained and sterilizable, to ensure my patients have the safest dental visit.

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