Inside Dental Hygiene
May 2020
Volume 16, Issue 3

Staying Connected

As Inside Dental Hygiene goes to press, most of our readers-our communities-are in a state of uncertainty. Dental practices are closed as our patients are required to stay at home to break the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We are all still adjusting to lives that have been upended, possibly for a long time.

Healthcare practitioners still have much to learn about this emerging virus. Inside Dentistry presents an update on COVID-19, focusing on infection control in the dental practice and being prepared for the long term. You can read the full article at aegisdentalnetwork.com/go/idh8.

As our current Lifestyle article, "Practical Tips for Surviving Social Distancing," suggests, you may miss utilizing your clinical skills during self-isolation. Throughout this period, the publisher of Inside Dental Hygiene will continue to provide online resources and continuing education (through IDH.CDEWorld.com) to help you remain connected with your profession.

For example, while COVID-19 is the most immediate concern for the population, there are other diseases that will continue to impact our patients, such as oral cancer. Dental teams may be sidelined for now, except in emergencies, but they will continue to be the "first line of defense" against this serious condition. Our cover story focuses on how dental hygienists can improve outcomes through screening and education.

The publishers of Inside Dental Hygiene are grateful for your continuing support. Please feel free to reach out to us during this time, through our social media platforms, and let us know how we can help everyone stay connected.

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