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Inside Dental Hygiene
September 2017
Volume 13, Issue 9

A Do-It-All Activated Oral Cleanser

Robert Martino, DDS, on OraCare

1. OraCare harnesses the power of activated chlorine dioxide and xylitol to successfully combat pathogens, eliminating many of the factors that can cause negative impacts on a patient’s oral health. 2. OraCare’s active ingredient, activated chlorine dioxide, kills bacteria and viruses, and also has been proven to eliminate fungi. Xylitol also aids in the control of bacterial growth. 3. Activated chlorine dioxide also has the ability to break up biofilm and neutralize volatile sulfur compounds.

I manage 12 dental practices that employ 27 dental hygienists, and all of my practices are built around the hygiene department and prevention. So when the hygiene team wanted a versatile product that killed bacteria, fungi, and viruses, while also helping with the prevention of gingival disease, nothing “did it all.” My good friend and colleague Richard Downs, DDS, had studied the gaseous compound chlorine dioxide, which is used in many industries to safely eliminate bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and to break up biofilm (dental plaque). He and I, along with Berdj Kiladjian, DMD, MSD, invented OraCare by incorporating two active ingredients: chlorine dioxide and xylitol.

Which patients does it help most? While we have seen dramatic results in patients with periodontal disease and fungal infections, OraCare is best used as a daily rinse for the everyday patient.

How can OraCare help patients who refuse to floss? It is easy to use, tastes good, and forms a gas that penetrates all areas of the mouth. It safely kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and breaks up plaque.

What is the benefit of such a versatile product? Many patients have a variety of oral health issues. Having one product to successfully address them all ensures better patient compliance.

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