Inside Dental Hygiene
June 2013
Volume 34, Issue 4

Growing Your Practice

Cultivating All the Opportunities

Dear Reader,

The history of dental hygiene, while it may seem peripheral to your daily practice, reminds us of how many educators, inventors, researchers, and public health advocates—in addition to oral healthcare providers, of course—have contributed to steady progress in this field. For every success they have achieved in these past 100 years is another victory for your practice and patient care. Dentistry is truly a multidisciplinary profession—and nowhere is that more evident than in this special supplement from Inside Dentistry.

Unfortunately, we could only highlight a small part of the many achievements in the practice of dental hygiene and its contributions to the professionalism of dental care. And there is much more potential on the horizon—as explored in our practice building feature, hygiene will continue to be a robust area of the evolving dental practice.

At the roots of the growing emphasis on evidence-based practice and oral-systemic health is an acknowledgment that overall health increasingly relies on a comprehensive approach by the entire dental team. Dental practitioners who are aware of these trends and able to take advantage of them will be leading the way in modern oral healthcare.

Please join us in celebrating the first 100 years of dental hygiene. We hope you enjoy this special supplement, and that the information presented promotes new ideas, connections, and achievements in your daily practice.


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