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Nov/Dec 2014
Volume 11, Issue 6

Zooby® Pediatric Products

Help children feel more comfortable in the dental chair with the help of Penelope the Penguin and her friends

It’s not uncommon for younger patients to feel anxious during dental exams, which is why Zooby’s extensive line of pediatric products is specifically designed to foster a positive dental experience.

Zooby’s animal-themed products offer a fun, engaging way to introduce children to dental tools and procedures they may not be familiar with. This can help children feel more comfortable in the dental chair, which could lead to better behavior and compliance.

Zooby Prophy Angles

Each Zooby prophy angle depicts an animal, and each animal has a corresponding name. Clinicians can introduce children to Penelope the Penguin, Francesca the Flamingo, Chase the Cheetah, Talon the Tiger and Zoe the Zebra. These personified prophy angles can be used to engage young patients, which is how pediatric dentist Dr. Marilyn Sandor, DDS, MS, PA, chooses to use them. She said Zooby characters help open opportunities to build a dialogue with patients, particularly with those who are a little nervous.

“It is especially helpful to show them the characters and how they can choose Francesca the Flamingo with her pretty eyelashes to sparkle his or her teeth. Or sometimes I’ll comment that Chase the Cheetah was a good choice because he cleans teeth very quickly,” Sandor said. “There are a million comments you can build around the Zooby characters. All you need is a sprinkle of imagination and the sky is the limit.”

Zooby Flavors

To play off of the characterization of the Zooby prophy angles, the brand continues the animal correlation through a variety of kid-friendly flavors. From flavored exam gloves to yummy prophy pastes, children can choose from flavors such as Cheetah Cherry™, Happy Hippo Cake®, Growlin’ Grrrape® and more.

The brand’s animal theme even extends to the gripper used to hold prophy pastes, which comes in different animal shapes and tends to be situated squarely in the patient’s eyesight during treatment.

These small details, combined with a plethora of choices, help to create a more relaxed environment that encourages younger patients to more fully invest in their oral health.

“Children enjoy having choices. It gives them a sense of control over their visit and helps them realize they’re doing something good for their health that’s also fun,” Sandor said. “Our goal is to make children feel comfortable, feel that they do have the ability and right to make good choices and grow up into adults who will continue to visit the dentist regularly to take care of their smiles.”

Captivating Products

Zooby’s animal-themed products can help transform an ordinary dental visit into a more captivating encounter where pediatric patients don’t just open wide, they open wide with a roar!

Zooby products are manufactured by Denticator®. Request samples at www.Denticator.com/samples.

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