Inside Dental Assisting
May/June 2013
Volume 9, Issue 3

Total Access with Less Cost: 2pro® Disposable Prophy Angles

Award-winning product can save offices money while providing convenience and comfort

Can 2pro® disposable prophy angles be used in dental offices as the everyday prophy angle of choice or is it a specialty item? The answer is yes and yes.

Premier’s 2pro provides total access to all tooth surfaces, improves efficiency, and can be the prophy angle used for every patient in the office. Use the cup to polish all tooth surfaces. Then remove the cup and use the tip for gingival and proximal areas, occlusal surfaces, veneer margins, and around implants and orthodontic brackets (Figure 1). 2pro is a patented, revolutionary two-in-one (prophy cup and prophy tip) prophy angle, which can reduce office expenses while helping to provide a more comprehensive patient prophylaxis.

The cost of 2pro is less than several popular prophy angles on the market. No other prophy angle has a built-in prophy tip, which allows the provider to clean all tooth surfaces in one easy step while eliminating the costs to switch to a prophy tip or brush. In addition, 2pro’s gearless, 100˚ ergonomic design ensures smooth-running, vibration-free operation while allowing the dental professional to reach all areas of the mouth comfortably and conveniently (Figure 2).

Premier’s 2pro disposable prophy angle provides features and benefits to the dental professional and patient, which are outlined in Table 1. To accommodate a dental professional’s personal preference, Premier offers 2pro in four cup styles—soft/short (purple cup), firm/short (blue cup), soft/long (white cup), and firm/long (green cup) (Figure 3).

Will 2pro save a dental office money?

It can be difficult to decipher facts from marketing fiction when trying to evaluate the potential benefits of switching to new dental products. Dental manufacturers’ promises are often glamorous. But are they true?

Premier Dental Products Company wants you to decide for yourself. Premier has created an online disposable prophy angle analysis called the 2pro Challenge to help you conclude if 2pro can save your office money. On average, 80% of dental offices that have taken the analysis were estimated to have a savings of $800 a year. Take the online analysis at www.premusa.com/try2protoday.

Is a free 2pro Professional Trial Pack available?

Yes, after you complete the survey, you will receive the free 2pro Professional Trial Pack, which includes 20 prophy angles to try with your patients.

Has 2pro been independently evaluated?

2pro has been well received in the dental community since its 2010 launch. The Dental Advisor has recognized 2pro for several awards: the Hygienists’ Choice Award for the Top Hygiene Product of 2011, a Preferred Product Award in 2012, and the Top Prophy Angle Award in 2013. Take the 2pro Challenge and decide for yourself.

The decision to change products used in a dental office can be a difficult one. Premier wants to help you determine if 2pro can benefit your patients and can save your office money. The analysis results and 2pro Professional Trial Pack will provide the information you need to help you make that decision.


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