Inside Dental Assisting
Jan/Feb 2013
Volume 9, Issue 1

2012 Dental Assistant of the Year

Congratulations to the two runners up!

Stacey Singleton, CDA, EFDA
Acton, Maine

A dental assistant for 15 years, Stacey Singleton resides in Acton, Maine, with her husband and daughter. A graduate of Hesser College with an associate’s degree in Business Administration, she obtained her CDA credential from the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) in 1997. In June, 2012 received her Expanded Functions license in the state of Maine from York County Community College. Her journey has ranged from orthodontics, to cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery, but she has found pediatric dentistry to hold a special place in her heart. She is currently employed with York County Pediatric Dentistry, where her team members state she wears many hats and balances them all nicely. In addition to assisting Dr. Creisher, Stacey is responsible for office ordering, staff meetings, website management, marketing and public relations for the practice. Additionally, she coordinates the arrangements for the entire team to volunteer together at the local Dental Wellness Center and in the school community. Stacey is determined to provide children with a comfortable and fun atmosphere for a dental home, thus giving them a healthy outlook on their dental future without phobias. Her excitement for the field has also encouraged many friends to enter into the dental realm. Stacey is very honored by the nominations from colleagues and thanks her family, friends and coworkers for being so supportive with this exciting opportunity. “I am very humbled by this award and feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful dental home.” She believes once you find your passion, stay true to its course.


Sandra Kaufmann, CDA, LDA, MA
Rush City, Minnesota

After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Child Psychology, Sandra Kaufmann returned to Lakeland Dental Academy (now Herzing University) and completed its Dental Assisting Program. In 1979, she joined the practice of Dr. Thomas Rumreich, and found that he worked well with children—and her background lent itself to a great partnership. When Dr. Rumreich retired 10 years ago, they began volunteering together weekly at the Union Gospel Mission Dental Clinic, a practice they continue to this day. Kaufmann then became an educator at her alma mater and returned to school where she obtained her graduate degree in Education from St. Catherine University and Minnesota Teacher’s License. Currently, she works with the East Central School District, where she was requested to start a program for students who could benefit from help with their oral hygiene skills. As she was only to be focused on one grade level, Sandra decided to begin with first graders because of where they are in the order of tooth eruption, in the hope that she can have a larger impact. The program, named the “Super Smile Society,” meets monthly and works with the children on oral hygiene skills and nutrition, emphasizing the important message that what you eat impacts your smile. Sandra’s parents were once concerned that as a child she was too quiet and shy. She now sees she has come full circle as she uses her education and dental assisting skills to work with children, hoping to improve their oral hygiene skills and impact their future.

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