Nov/Dec 2010
Volume 6, Issue 10

From the Publisher

Kathy Zwieg LDA, CDA

Dear Readers,
Happy Holidays! This is a time of year when we customarily reflect on the past and anticipate the future. To those of you who have offered positive feedback as well as constructive input on this publication, we are very grateful for your honesty, time, and talents.

As a result of this collaboration, we have been very busy focusing on the future of Inside Dental Assisting. The new year will bring a new look to what you see today—new features, new authors, a new size, and an increase in the number of issues from five to six bi-monthly magazines. As we move into 2011, be on the lookout for exciting enhancements to our website as well.

While the future of our magazine appears to be one of reach and growth, our roots and mission of “education first” remain firmly planted. This issue provides a variety of topics all very critical to the dental assistant. Our continuing education lesson calls to light the exacting, detailed role that is required of the dental assistant during an endodontic procedure. Eve Cuny provides a wonderful review of basic present-day health and safety requirements—most frequently the responsibility of the dental assistant—and a concise chart that is a great future reference tool. As you will see in our “Focus On” article on vital tooth bleaching, numerous aspects of these procedures are frequently delegated to our profession. From a role in treatment presentation, tray fabrication, patient education, and follow-up, the dental assistant is a key member of the dental team.

Again, we are grateful to you, our readers, and wish you and your families and dental teams a safe and happy holiday season. May you enjoy this time and conclude 2010 on a prosperous note and welcome 2011 with excitement and anticipation for the future. That is where we will be with the launch of our next issue.

On behalf of the Inside Dental Assisting team,

Kathy Zwieg LDA, CDA
Associate Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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