Nov/Dec 2009
Volume 5, Issue 10

From the Editor

Shannon L. Pace, CDA, CDD

Dear Readers,
In the field of observation, chance favors the prepared mind. I am reminded of this quote from Louis Pasteur as I review the variety of topics in this month’s Inside Dental Assisting. In our day-to-day contact with patients, dental assistants observe quite a bit. We notice not only the oral conditions of our patients, but also their overall health, their psychological and social well-being, and—especially in the last year—their financial situation. With our years of experience and commitment to continuing education, we are prepared to make the most of our observations to provide our patients with efficient, comprehensive, and personal care.

This month’s continuing education article is an excellent example of the need for oral health professionals to be aware of their patients’ overall health. “Xerostomia: Prevalence, Diagnosis, and Management” reminds us of the many factors that can cause dry mouth and associated complications in our aging population. In addition to oral diseases and infections, xerostomia can result in poor nutrition, problems with retaining dentures, and difficulty speaking. The authors lead us through the causes and diagnosis of xerostomia, and finish with practical guidelines for management.

“Handwashing: The Best Defense Against Superbugs” updates us on the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, specifically in healthcare settings. The article reaffirms the importance of standard infection control practices and hand hygiene as the first and best defense against transmission, while detailing the procedures every dental practice should be observing.

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Shannon L. Pace, CDA, CDD


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