Jan/Feb 2009
Volume 5, Issue 2

From the Editor

Shannon L. Pace, CDA

Dear Readers,

Welcome 2009, and the second year of Inside Dental Assisting. The first year was filled with satisfying challenges, as we explored the many options for high-quality content that would be most beneficial to you and your patients. I’d like to thank all of you for your support, comments, and enthusiastic participation during our groundbreaking year.

In February, we’ve hit the ground running again. This issue contains a wealth of information, beginning with our continuing education article (provided by the Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures), which focuses on “The Operatory.” This article discusses not only current infection control practices, but ways to maintain them efficiently by sharing observations and ideas with your colleagues. The article also provides examples of how to communicate your efforts to your patients.

Our profession allows us many unique opportunities to serve and educate our patients. This month’s feature article is “Assessing Bone Health Among Your Patients.” The incidence of osteoporosis is increasing in the United States, and you can help your patients by obtaining specific information during their medical history and discussing bone health with them. This article also provides essential background on osteoporosis and its risk factors.

We conclude this month’s issue with an applied technologies article: “Capitalizing on the Advantages of Alginate Alternatives.” This article provides a step-by-step discussion of the indications for and proper use of an alginate alternative.

However, Inside Dental Assisting doesn’t stop there. I hope you have visited our web site: www.insidedentalassisting.com. There you will discover not only articles from our print journal, but also special online-only material. Additional online benefits include our Resource Center, which links to patient education materials, practice resources, and industry contacts.

Throughout our second year, your thoughts, comments, and contributions will continue to be essential to the success of this publication and its web site. Please take a moment to log on and send us your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.


Shannon L. Pace, CDA

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