Identifying Problem Periodontal Patients Before They Become Disasters: Genetics and Other Risk Factors

Sir Gordon Duff, MD, BM, BCh, FRCP, PhD; and Kenneth S. Kornman, DDS, PhD

DATE: Apr 29, 2015


COMMERCIAL SUPPORTER: Interleukin Genetics

This not-for-credit program will discuss advances in genetic testing and diagnostics for the identification of risk for periodontal disease.

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Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the influence of genetics on periodontal disease and its risk factors
  • Review the key genotypes involved in periodontal disease risk
  • Describe the role and potential of genetic screening to identify potentially high-risk patients before disease develops


Dr. Kornman is CEO of Interleukin Genetics.

Queries for the presenter may be directed to cjromano@aegiscomm.com.

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