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One-on-One with Dr. DiTolla: Brittany Bergeron, DDS, on Minimally Invasive, Bioactive Dentistry in Everyday Practice

Brittany Bergeron, DDS

DATE: Tuesday, January 24, 2023


In this webcast Brittany Bergeron, DDS, will critically review a variety of real-world, minimally invasive case studies using bioactive restoratives and will discuss current remineralization science, moisture friendly dental products, handling properties of “active” materials, and practical, everyday uses for bioactive cements, composites, and base/liners.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss practical applications for bioactive dental materials—including esthetic restoratives, base/liners, and cements—and their use in minimally invasive dentistry. 
  • Describe the biochemistry of bioactive dental materials, including the long-term impact on patients’ oral health and overall wellness. 
  • Evaluate when to use traditional restoratives vs. bioactive restoratives.


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