Special Issues
September 2016
Volume 12, Issue 9

5 Reasons to Buy

"Darby Surface Disinfectant Wipes compete with the market leaders in all aspects. Initially we were skeptical to switch over something so important, but after further research we have found that this wipe has a quicker kill time and is gentler on surfaces than our previous disinfectant wipes. We had tried some ‘quicker claim’ wipes, but they were very rough on our equipment and surfaces and the smell was overwhelming. We are so pleased with Darby’s Surface Disinfectant Wipes; our account manager was right in his recommendation to use this top-quality product."
-Ira S. Freedman, DDS, Dent-All Associates, Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Reasons to buy

1. Each disposable, noncarcinogenic towelette compares to leading brands at a lower cost

2. Intended for use in healthcare facilities to clean all nonporous surfaces

3. Ready-to-use wipes are nonabrasive with a low alcohol content so they are less harsh on operatory equipment

4. For use as a virucide, including HIV-1 and HBV applications, and effective against MRSA and VRE

5. Effectively kills HIV-1 and Hepatitis B virus on precleaned environmental surfaces and objects 


Packaging: 160 presaturated wipes in a canister

Wipe size: Each wipe measures 6” x 6.75”

Convenience: Ready to use, disposable, cleans and decontaminates

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