Special Issues
September 2016
Volume 12, Issue 9

Ceramir C&B—A Revolutionary Cement With High Biocompatibility

Cellerant Best of Class - 4-time Winner

Product description

Bioactive, simple, and strong: Ceramir C&B is a revolutionary cement supported by more than 25 years of extensive research by Doxa. Ceramir C&B sets at a high pH, forms apatite, has an exceptionally easy clean-up, and has the highest biocompatibility among tested cements. In a preliminary study it has been shown to close artificial marginal gaps.* The cement has excellent retention to zirconia with no need for primers or special cleaners. The new Ceramir C&B QuikCap features self-activated capsules with more cement per cap than the Ceramir C&B SingleCap capsule.

Ceramir C&B distinguishes itself from all other cements by being the first of its kind: a biocompatible, bioceramic, calcium-aluminate-based cement. This technology creates a resilient, natural, dental luting cement that integrates with natural tooth structure. The award-winning cement is stable in the mouth and exhibits tooth-like physical and mechanical properties.

How can this product add value to a general dentist’s practice?

Simplicity, predictability, and biocompatibility are the three best words that describe Doxa’s revolutionary cement, Ceramir.

Simplicity because this is a moisture-friendly cement—saliva is not the enemy. All too often we are delivering crowns that make access and isolation quite challenging. This cement takes such situations and actually allows the 15-minute cementation appointment to happen! Simplicity also applies because I do not require primers or silanes on the internal surfaces of my all-ceramics.

Predictability because the clean-up at the 3-minute mark is so easy and effortless. It’s about delivering a sensitive-free cement with solid 5-year results.

Lastly, biocompatibility, which is the most unique aspect of this cement. It’s a calcium-releasing, remineralizing cement that protects the margins and internal preparation beyond anything on the market.

—Lou Graham, DDS

Founder of the Catapult Group and University Dental Professionals

What made this product Best of Class?

Doxa's Ceramir has led the way in the biocompatible crown-and-bridge cements. The initial pH reduces sensitivity, and the ability to form nanocrystals and hydroxyapatite makes this a unique product that stands out from other cements.

—Martin Jablow, DMD

Chief Development Officer, Cellerant Consulting

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