Special Issues
September 2016
Volume 12, Issue 9

5 Reasons to Buy

Developed as an addition to the award-winning Beautifil II, a fluoride-releasing, bioactive, nanohybrid resin composite line, Beautifil II Enamel-colored composites provide general practitioners with the ability to offer highly esthetic and long-lasting bioactive restorations more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Reasons to Buy

1. Proprietary Giomer (S-PRG) technology clinically vetted in 8- and 13-year studies; Giomer materials combine the clinical benefits of glass ionomers with the strength, durability, and esthetics of nanohybrid composites; help diminish formation of bacterial adherence and plaque build-up (as shown)

2. Demonstrate the ability to release and recharge fluoride, strontium, and four other beneficial ions (aluminium, borate, sodium, silicate); inhibit plaque formation and build-up and neutralize acid for improved oral health 

3. Expand the range of treatments typically conducted at the bench in a laboratory; eg, chairside composite veneers instead of more invasive and costly porcelain veneers

4. Increased patient satisfaction; offer high-quality treatments, chairside, at a lower cost and minimal wait-time to the patient

5. Less invasive and more affordable treatments increase patient satisfaction and bring additional revenue to the practice, contributing to the practice’s growth and profitability


Bioactive, highly filled: (ca. 83 wt%), with outstanding physical, mechanical and optical properties (high compressive and flexural strength, ca. 320 MPa and 130 MPa, respectively)

Radiopacity: 25% greater than enamel (2.5 Al:mm)

Competitively priced: 2.5g syringe, SRP: $37.50

https://www.shofu.com • (800) 827-4638

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