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Special Issues
September 2010
Volume 3, Issue 0

Portrait: NobelActive™

Designed with clinicians’ needs in mind, NobelActive offers maximum versatility in placement and restorability, along with high initial stability, even in compromised bone indications.

NobelActive is an advanced implant system that requires previous implant experience and special training. With its unique tip and thread design, NobelActive delivers high initial stability in all indications. Experienced users can take advantage of its gradual bone-condensing property and apical drilling blades to make fine adjustments to implant orientation—optimizing the final position of the prosthetic connection. Parallel drilling protocols offer dental professionals the flexibility to match individual patient prerequisites in preparing the implant insertion site. Built-in platform shifting, designed to increase the volume onto which alveolar soft tissue can grow, produces a better tissue interface and more natural-looking esthetics.

To satisfy the demands of restorative clinicians, the NobelActive prosthetic connection is designed to accommodate many restorative options. A comprehensive prosthetic portfolio is available for NobelActive, including NobelProcera individualized prosthetics, for natural-looking restorations. With this broad prosthetic assortment and the restorative flexibility of the dual-function internal conical connection, great versatility is possible for achieving beautiful, natural-looking esthetics.


Key Take-Aways

  • An ideal implant system offering high initial stability, best qualified for immediate loading and esthetic single-tooth restorations
  • Innovative bone-condensing property and TiUnite surface provide high initial stability even in compromised bone conditions
  • Allows for two-stage, one-stage, and immediate-loading procedures
  • Coronal design and built-in platform shifting for maximum bone volume around implant and improved soft tissue management
  • Internal conical connection with hexagonal interlocking for secure positioning of abutments
  • Dual-function prosthetic connection accommodates a variety of prosthetic options


Case Study: NobelActive

Gary Orentlicher, DMD
Scarsdale, New York

Matthew Teich, DDS
White Plains, New York

Immediate implant placement, maxillary anterior tooth
A 50-year-old man in good medical and dental health presented for replacement of tooth No. 9 because of a root fracture of the previously endodontically treated tooth. Due to the lack of infection and the excellent bone and gingival architecture, it was decided that this patient was a good candidate for immediate extraction, immediate implant placement, and immediate provisional restoration.

Preoperative intraoral frontal photograph of tooth No. 9, which had undergone prior treatment with root canal therapy and placement of an endodontic post/core and porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. Initial 2-mm osteotomy, redirecting the implant in the anterior extraction socket.
Insertion of a NobelActive implant (4.3 mm x 13 mm) using the surgical driver and manual insertion technique. The implant was redirected into proper position. Four months postoperative view of tooth No. 9 with NobelProcera Zirconia abutment in place.
Final porcelain restorations. Tooth No. 8 was restored with a matching porcelain veneer. Postoperative radiograph. This case illustrates the use of the NobelActive’s unique design characteristics.

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