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Nov/Dec 2009
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What Do These Women Dentists Have in Common

Trucia Drummond, DDS, Chicago, IL
No other organization provides the psychic energy and support that AAWD does. It is intangible, but palpable.

Barbara J. Steinberg, DDS, Clinical Professor of Surgery, Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
I have been a member of AAWD for approximately 35 years, joining when dentistry was not a popular profession for women. This organization was truly the voice of women in dentistry and I feel it continues to carry this legacy. On a more personal note, I will be forever grateful to AAWD for giving me and a few other female clinicians the opportunity to represent them by presenting a scientific session at the ADA session in Dallas, 1979. This was a true milestone, since prior to this time, female clinicians were not on regional and national programs. I will continue to be a loyal member of AAWD and am most proud of this association.

Lilia Larin, DDS, AAWD Past President, Treasurer, Hispanic Dental Association, San Diego, CA
We must overcome the notion to be regular. It robs us of the chance to be extraordinary! Thank you AAWD for opening the doors to a phenomenal and marvelous journey!

Susan Nimmo, DDS, MPH, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Florida, College of Dentistry, Faculty Advisory, AAWD Student Chapter, Gainesville, FL
One of dentistry’s greatest strengths is the diversity of its members; it gives dentistry the ability to adapt to address the challenges of the future. If we lose touch with what makes us unique, then all of dentistry loses. AAWD supports women to become the very best women dentists they can be.

Risé Lyman, DDS, AAWD Past President, Lakehills, TX
I have been a member of AAWD since 1983 when I was a student at UTHSCDS at San Antonio and a group of women students started a chapter. Seeing very few women faculty or leaders and having two children, I had a strong desire to join with other women students to discuss issues regarding family and career balance. I attended an AAWD meeting in 1984 held during the ADA and met many strong women leaders. They were passionate about their profession and advancing other women. They took me under their wings, raised me up and now I am able to do the same for other women. Thank you ladies for being such wonderful friends and mentors.

Susan Bordenave-Bishop, DDS, Peoria, IL
I have benefited from the excellent leadership training and continuing education offered at the AAWD Annual Session. The AAWD offers each member excellent benefits for very reasonable dollar amounts.

Mindy Austin, DMD, Tupelo, MS
As an active member of the Mississippi Dental Association, I wanted to see more women become involved with the organization. I knew that giving them an “excuse” to gather would result in increased members. Along with 20 other practicing female dentists, we reformed our AAWD state chapter just four years ago. I am very proud to be an active member of AAWD, which is changing the professional lives of our female dentists here in Mississippi.

Sarita Arteaga, DMD, MAGD, Past President, Hispanic Dental Association, Farmington, CT
As women dentists, we have unique needs and being able to combine a career and family is a challenge. It is wonderful to be a member of an organization that focuses on those needs and that gives the support for those challenges.

Teresa Dolan, DDS, Professor and Dean, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Membership in AAWD is as important today as in 1893 when women dentists organized in Philadelphia to “strengthen themselves by trying to help one another.” AAWD has been an important part of my life for many years, and a great source of personal support and professional development.

Mary Hayes, DDS, Chicago, IL
Mentoring, connection, and opportunity: in these three areas, AAWD has enhanced my professional life in countless ways, both personally and through the paths of organized dentistry. I am continually impressed with the depth of experiences AAWD has afforded me to expand my dental careers outside of the 8 x 10 cubicle.

Deb Nanda, DDS, President, Central Iowa AAWD, Des Moines, IA
AAWD is a great resource for all women dentists. From scholarships to Smiles for Success, AAWD is a great example of women coming together to help other women succeed.

Jessica Rickert, DDS, Whitepigeon Enterprises, LLC, Interlochen, MI
As the first female American Indian dentist in the world, I find the AAWD a wonderful recruiting tool for young American Indian female students. I try to encourage them to apply, enter and succeed in dental school. The AAWD helps me do that. As I visit tribes across the USA, I carry with me copies of past AAWD journals to share with students; I also refer them to the AAWD web site. Keep up the good work….and, keep smilin’!

Ellen Paulisick, Dental Student, University of Maryland DDS 2011, Baltimore, MD
AAWD provides a unique opportunity for dental students such as myself to meet, learn from, and be inspired by other female dentists. Together, we can help shape the future of the profession to meet the goals and aspirations of women throughout the United States.

Tamara S. Berg, DDS, President-Elect, Oklahoma Dental Association, Yukon, OK
The AAWD is important to me to honor the women who made this career possible, but also to support future female dentists. There is something special and unique about being a member of a group of women that have walked in your “high heels.”

Kathy O’Loughlin, DMD, MPH, Executive Director, American Dental Association, Chicago, IL
AAWD provides opportunities for women dentists to share common interests, especially those unique to women dental professionals who are faced with not only the practice and the business of dentistry, but also raising children or providing care for family and extended family.

Mary E. Martin, DDS, Eagle Dental Corp., Midwest City, OK
I found AAWD my senior year in dental school while attending the ADA meeting and immediately knew I had found my “home” in dentistry. I still feel that way today.

Cissy Furusho, DDS, MS, AAWD Past President, Chicago, IL
“Your success is not dependent on how smart you are—it is based on who you surround yourself with” (author unknown). I attribute much of my success to the friends I have made through AAWD and hope others will also benefit from these relationships by joining AAWD.

Nandita Maria Lilly, Nova Southeastern University, Class of 2010, Gainesville, FL
The AAWD brings together women dentists of different backgrounds and ages to build relationships, inspire and grow both personally and professionally.

Barbara Kay, DMD, AAWD Past President, Lexington, MA
It was because of the women I met in 1972 who were members of AAWD that I found the courage to pursue my dreams to start my own dental practice and become active in organized dentistry. I always had a network of women to help me realize my goals.

Linda C. Niessen, DMD, Vice President, Chief Clinical Officer, DENTSPLY International, AAWD Past President, York, PA
Founded by 12 visionary women dentists in 1921, AAWD remains an organization committed to helping women dentists develop meaningful careers in dentistry. Even today as organized dentistry has welcomed women dentists into leadership roles, AAWD continues to play a vital role in connecting and enriching the lives of women dentists. I am proud to be a member of AAWD and a past President. It is so exciting to see the women entering dentistry today and know that they have the potential to serve as leaders of this profession and craft a future dedicated to improving the oral health of the public we are privileged to serve.

Katherine A. Hotaling, DDS, President, Greater St. Louis Chapter of AAWD, St. Louis, MO
To me, AAWD means sisterhood in dentistry. It embraces a sense of community and belonging among dentists locally. It connects dentists nationwide. AAWD is for any dentist who believes there is strength in our profession when we strive to keep it organized.

Cherilyn G. Sheets, DDS, Sheets & Paquette Dental Practice, AAWD Past President, Newport Beach, CA
AAWD was instrumental in my early professional development and I feel that the lessons learned and the friendships made have been invaluable treasures throughout my career. This is a critical organization that every woman dentist should support and every young woman dentist should embrace. It is one of dentistry’s great bargains! You receive more than you give.

Carol Gomez Summerhays, DDS, President, California Dental Association, San Diego, CA
Many of my mentors were some of the past presidents of the American Association of Women Dentists. It is a way for us to continue to support other women dentists to become leaders in our profession.

Col. Theresa Gonzales, DDS, US Army, Ft. Hood, TX
The AAWD provides an excellent opportunity to continue to develop women professionals for the leadership roles they will undoubtedly occupy in the 21st century.

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Stephanie Z. Houseman, DMD
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Paula S. Jones, DDS, FAGD
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Sandra Harris, DDS
AAWD Past President, Nashville, TN

Sheri Doniger, DDS
AAWD Board, Chicago, IL

Tawana Ware, DDS
2009 AAWD Board Member, Nashville, TN

Laura Murcko, DMD
2009 AAWD President-Elect, Littleton, CO

Jennifer Biter, DDS
2009 AAWD Secretary, Nashville, TN

Judith Belitz, DDS
2009 AAWD Vice President, Omaha, NE

Mary Beth Aichelmann-Reidy, DDS
2009 AAWD Treasurer, Baltimore, MD

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