This directory will feature leading Whitening Products for your easy review and reference.

Opalescence® PF take-home whitening gels produce brilliant smiles. The patented sticky, viscous formula keeps the gels in the tray longer for sustained whitening power.
Premier® Dental’s Perfecta® Bravό™ take-home whitening contains a patented water-based formulation that hydrates teeth to avoid sensitivity. The 9% hydrogen peroxide treatment has a wear-time of 30 minutes, once a day.
Pola Day and Pola Night, SDI's take home tooth whitening systems, are now available to purchase in a dispenser box containing 50 separately packed 3g syringes.
SDI’s Pola Day CP is a take home tooth whitening system with a wear time of just 15 minutes once or twice per day.
SDI’s Pola Night whitening kit’s neutral pH ensures the full power of the peroxide is released without jeopardizing patient comfort.
SDI’s Pola Office+ in-office tooth whitening system requires less than 30 minutes total chair time, leading to increased patient comfort and satisfaction.
AdDent Inc.’s patented in-office tooth whitening system, PowerBrite, is based on a stabilized 25% hydrogen peroxide and FDA-approved orange pigment in gel form.
Premier Dental’s PRĒMA® Enamel Microabrasion System is now available in a new syringe-delivery system that permits effective and economical application of PRĒMA for the conservative removal of many white, brown, and multicolored enamel discolorations.
Heraeus Kulzer’s fast-setting StatStone® gypsum creates finished models in only five minutes, making it ideal for in-office, single-visit fabrication of custom bleaching trays for take-home whitening systems.
Heraeus Kulzer’s popular Venus White® Pro is now available in 35% carbamide peroxide strength for enhanced whitening and shorter wear times. The mint-flavored whitening gel can be worn in custom trays for just 30 minutes per day.
Hereaus Kulzer, LLC’s Venus White® Teeth Whitening Touch-Up Brush is a convenient, reusable pen that makes it easy to help maintain a white smile.
Heraeus Kulzer’s Venus White® Ultra Pre-Filled Disposable Whitening Trays now feature an improved gel viscosity that provides an even better patient wear experience than before.
VivaStyle Plus™ by Ivoclar Vivadent features a full range of concentrations of carbamide peroxide gels including 10%, 16%, and 22% fluoride-containing gel.
Ivoclar Vivadent VivaStyle Professional take home whitening gel is available in 10% and 16% concentrations; VivaStyle Plus is available in 10%, 16% and 22%.
White & Brite™ Tooth Whitening System from 3M ESPE is available in 10%, 16%, 22%, and 30% carbamide peroxide strength kits. Deluxe Kits, Express Kits, Touch-Up Twin Packs in various strengths, and single syringe packages offer a wide array of professional options for all tooth whitening needs
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