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SolFlex by VOCO America


VOCO America

VOCO’s SolFlex series of DLP industrial-grade printers feature a range of important innovations designed to maximize impact and efficiency for both the dental laboratory and the dental office. These innovations include Sensor Monitored Production (SMP), which measures the peeling forces emerging on the build surface and signals changes in the building speed to optimize process efficiency and reliability. This, in turn, reduces time- and material-consuming print failures. The two larger models in the SolFlex series of 3D dental printers also feature a moving DLP that ensures consistency in the distance between the light source and the build object so that quality and precision remain high regardless of where the object is placed on the build platform. VOCO also offers three high-quality material options: V-Print model, V-Print ortho, and V-Print SG, all of which offer a high degree of precision, biocompatibility, and dimensional stability.

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