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Brite-N-Lite™ Oral Illumination System by Vista™ Dental Products

Brite-N-Lite™ Oral Illumination System

Vista™ Dental Products

Brite-N-LiteTM offers direct illumination of the working area during any surgical procedure. This clip-on LED device is autoclavable and easy to use with virtually any aspirator. The cool white LED light optimizes visibility within the oral cavity.

Other illumination systems on the market require cumbersome battery packs, cords, and expensive adaptors. Brite- N-LiteTM is a compact, convenient illumination system that adapts to the instruments that you currently own. The small, hands-free device securely mounts to your standard evacuation tubing.

Brite-N-LiteTM features a long lasting rechargeable battery for hours of procedural use. The intuitive design of Brite- N-LiteTM makes it the most practical, easy to use oral illumination system on the market.

FREE with every Brite-N-LiteTM comes one FREE surgical aspirator of your choice!

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