Densah Bur Kit

Versah LLC

The Densah Bur uses advanced, patent-pending technology designed to precisely cut bone in the clockwise direction and also densify bone in a non-cutting counterclockwise direction with copious irrigation. Operating at a counterclockwise speed, it is able to preserve bone, and gradually densify and expand the bone to prepare the osteotomy for implant placement. The Densah Bur features multiple flutes within a tapered geometry and is designed to produce a faster feed rate with less heat elevation. The chisel edge is narrow to minimize force thrust and employs a point angle designed to reduce jarring. Outward pressure coupled with irrigation at the point of contact creates a hydrodynamic compression wave so that bone is compressed laterally by continuously rotating and concurrently forcibly advancing the Densah Bur. The taper design allows the surgeon to instantly lift away from contact to allow irrigation to occur. This along with real-time haptic feedback makes the Densah Bur intuitive for the surgeon to make adjustments to the advancing force

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