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Topex® ReNew™ by Sultan Healthcare

Topex® ReNew™

Sultan Healthcare

Topex® ReNew™ is a take-home toothpaste providing all-in-one remineralizing and desensitizing actions while functioning and handling similarly to standard toothpaste. It features maximum fluoride content (5,000 ppm neutral sodium fluoride) plus NovaMin, a bio-available calcium phosphosilicate material.

NovaMin is a bio-available calcium compound, composed of elements (calcium and phosphorus) that naturally occur in the body. Calcium is naturally available in saliva, and helps fluoride repair and protect teeth from daily acid attacks. 

Calcium and phosphorus are necessary in forming the Hydroxycarbonate Apatite (HCA) layer; this compound adheres to dentin and is resistant to daily acid attacks. ReNew™ is formulated as toothpaste and is prescribed and dispensed by dentists.

It is ideal for take-home use by patients with tooth sensitivity from hot, cold, sweets, dental bleaching, exposed root surfaces, xerostomia, and high caries risk due to medications, dental complications, and orthodontic treatment. ReNew™ may be used in place of regular toothpaste and it is also effective for in-office professional general application via tray or localized application via swab.

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