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Repair Kit by Snow Rock USA

Repair Kit

Snow Rock USA

Snow Rock Denture System’s Repair Kit contains everything you need to repair any acrylic dentures. Repair Kit includes ISO Fast Liquid and Powder in #7α Real Pink, Acry-Tone Pre-Made Clasps in #0 Clear and #7α Real Pink, and a heat gun.

ISO Fast is the simple, yet powerfully effective bonding and repairing agent for any acrylic repair or reline. It possesses a low porosity (little to no bubbles) and has adaptive translucence, hence, able to match all colors.

Acry-Tone Pre-Made Clasps are made out of flexible acrylic; just add the clasp on and finish as normal (acrylic denture burr and pumice wheel) for quick clasp modifications. For any clasp repairs or modifications, use the heat gun to shape the Pre-made Clasp and bond with ISO Fast. 

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