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OneGloss® PS by Shofu

OneGloss® PS


OneGloss PS (plastic shank) is a one-step system designed for finishing and polishing composite restorations. Crumble-resistant and durable, yet gentle on enamel, they also offer a convenient way to remove excess luting/orthodontic cement, polish enamel, and remove difficult stains prior to bleaching. Apply firm pressure to finish, and a feather-light pressure to polish. OneGloss PS is pre-mounted with a latch-head mandrel for a slow-speed hand piece at recommended speeds from 3000-5000 rpm. Despite its single-use construction, OneGloss PS are noted for their durability since they maintain their shape well even after extended use. Each polisher is capable of polishing an entire arch or more. Available in individually wrapped cups, midi points, and disks which allow easy access even in difficult to reach areas. When used in combination with Shofu’s SuperBuff paste-impregnated discs, you can achieve rapid, high luster results.

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