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rok by SDI (North America) Inc.


SDI (North America) Inc.

SDI’s rok composite can be placed like an amalgam. The complet has almost a 90 degree angle matching that of a conventional amalgam carrier, allowing the user easy access to posterior teeth. The packable heavy body nature of rok also means the use of an amalgam condenser is possible. Rok’s high compressive strength enhances longevity of a composite by withstanding mastication forces, and its optimum filler level maximizes strength. Utilizing longer resin chains with fewer monomer links, rok exhibits low shrinkage, which minimizes sensitivity and microleakage. In addition, an effective seal against microleakage decreases the potential for secondary caries. Rok’s high filler level of glass particles maximizes strength, while minimizing wear and shrinkage. Rok is available in A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2 and C2 in both 4gm syringes and 0.15g complets.

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