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E-STATIS™ Prep by SciCan Ltd.


SciCan Ltd.

The E-STATIS Prep by SciCan Ltd. is an electric handpiece system featuring customizable settings for preparatory procedures coupled with a small electric motor, the E-STATIS SLM (Short, LED, Micromotor). This motor is short and light, weighing 62 grams, with an over length of 2.6 inches. It is fully autoclavable and features a brushless technology which greatly reduces service requirements. An adjustable LED light offers unsurpassed visibility. When an attachment is placed onto the SLM motor, the overall weight and length are very similar to a standard air-driven handpiece with the benefits of an electric system. The system’s control module and the SLM motor are both covered under a three-year warranty.

The touch screen is simple to operate and is equipped with a user-friendly display menu with customizable settings and operational functions including auto-reverse, auto-forward and auto-stop. The unit displays actual bur rotational speed and includes presets of all common handpiece transmissions plus two customizable presets. The touch screen is detachable for modular placement.

The E-STATIS Prep has a motor speed range of 200-40.000 min-1 and requires a power supply of 60W. Motor voltage maximum is 22V AC and torque is 3 Ncm maximum.
Attachment of connection is ISO 3864.

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