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Intra X-ray by Planmeca USA Inc.

Intra X-ray

Planmeca USA Inc.

The Intra DC generated X-ray features adjustable mA, kV, and time. The mode key allows operators to choose from CCD digital, phosphorus plate, or film modes with the touch of a button. The Intra is available with a handheld control or a remote exposure station.

Whether you choose film or digital, the Planmeca Intra delivers excellent image quality.

The unique non-symmetric design of the X-ray tube head makes aiming exceptionally easy and precise. The smooth top cover of the tube head seamlessly extends to the cone, a clever design that makes the x-ray beam alignment accurate and faster than ever.

A Cat 5 cable has already been pulled through the arm of the x-ray for integration with the Planmeca ProSensors.  This makes for a clean, safe, uncluttered work environment.

  • More than 60 factory-programmed memory settings for quick access to different exposure values
  • Self-diagnostic software with a help messaging system for user assistance.
  • Adjustable kV of 50, 52, 55, 57, 60, 63, 66 and 70 allows dentists to adjust for any imaging contrast and density requirement.
  • The adjustable mA of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 allows for the use of current and future digital technology.
  • The Intra comes standard with an 8-inch cone suitable for bisecting angel techniques, an optional 12-inch cone is available.
  • Cat 5 cable built into the arm allows for integration with the Planmeca ProSensors for a safer cleaner working environment.
  • Uniquely designed; small, flat top, cast aluminum with epoxy finish, overheat protection, multiple mounting options
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