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Touch&Bond™ by Parkell, Inc.


Parkell, Inc.

Touch&Bond™: 4-META chemistry forms a strong hybrid-layer bond in less than 60 seconds. Use the special pledget included to activate the Touch&Bond Liquid. Then, with either the pledget or the Precision Applicator Brush (also included), simply apply the activated Touch&Bond to the dentin and enamel surfaces you’re bonding to. The surfaces may be either damp or dry. There’s no acid-etching, rinsing, priming or mixing. Let the Touch&Bond sit on the tooth for 20 seconds. Then gently blow it dry with your air syringe for 3-5 seconds.

The result is the kind of 4-META hybrid-layer bond and tooth-protecting biological seal that once required complex steps involving etching, rinsing and priming. In laboratory bond strength tests, Touch&Bond demonstrated microtensile bond strengths of 22.4 MPa (3250 psi) to dentin. Even more significantly, in all clinical trials conducted, there was not a single case of post-op sensitivity reported.

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