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TotalBond™ by Parkell, Inc.


Parkell, Inc.

Use TotalBond to bond any type of fixed restoration – from esthetically challenging all-ceramic or polyglass crowns, to PFM crowns or bridges, to resin inlays where marginal fit is critical. TotalBond adheres beautifully to tooth structure. TotalBond’s 4-META-based formula infiltrates the tooth surface to form an acid-resistant hybrid layer that prevents post-op sensitivity and recurrent caries. After completing your prep, apply the dentin/enamel activator…rinse…and lightly dry. Mix the TotalBond powder and liquid to the desired flow, apply it to and then seat the restoration. That’s the entire procedure.

TotalBond has been reinforced with glass, silica and a special TMPT-based organic filler to resist marginal ditching. The complete starter kit includes everything you need to bond most dental materials – tooth adhesive cement, plus special primers that permit strong bonds to porcelain and noble alloys. You’ll be ready to bond ceramic or polyglass crowns or inlays, porcelain or resin laminates, composite inlays or onlays, PFM crowns, and more.

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