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PainFREE Gel Desensitizer by Parkell, Inc.

PainFREE Gel Desensitizer

Parkell, Inc.

Now, with just one thirty second treatment even your most sensitive patients can get immediate relief from painful cold stimuli. With a thick gel consistency that won’t run off the tooth, PainFREE GEL provides more precise, pinpoint placement of the medication, providing desensitizing results exactly where you need them. 

PainFREE GEL doesn’t require acid-etching the dentin or anesthetizing the patient, which can lower their pain threshold and make the pain worse. It seals the tooth’s open dentinal tubules with a unique tri-polymer formulation penetrating deep down the sidewalls and grafting the molecules tightly to the calcium in the hydroxyapatite.  This network of polymer chains creates a durable barrier to the movement of fluid, a known cause of tooth hypersensitivity.

  • For more information or to order NEW PainFREE GEL Call Parkell- 800-243-7446 or visit
  • Kit Includes: (2) 3ml syringes of PainFREE GEL, (20) Needle Nose intraoral applicator tips, Instructions. SKU: S384 Suggested Retail Price per kit: $135.00 USD.



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