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MetaSEAL™ by Parkell, Inc.


Parkell, Inc.

MetaSEAL™ Endodontic Sealer: Delivers a highly polymerized, gap-free hybrid layer. MetaSEAL™ is based on Parkell’s exclusive 4-META chemistry. The self-etching formula renders the canal’s sidewalls highly permeable to infiltration by the hydrophilic monomers. Because these unique monomers love water, and cure best under moist conditions, they easily penetrate into the tubules, including intratubular and peritubular dentin and polymerize, sealing the root walls with a tough hybrid layer. At the apex, where excessive shrinkage could cause fluid leakage, MetaSEAL cures slowly, to allow the resin to flow without shrinkage stress, thus avoiding gapping. Meanwhile, the functional monomers in MetaSEAL penetrate the obturation point, whether it’s gutta percha or polymer. Features extraordinary biocompatibility. The resulting hybrid-like layer is very strong – it holds the point in place and further resists leakage. Since MetaSEAL is dual-cured, you can create an instant coronal seal right after you’ve filled the canal using your preferred cold obturation technique, just by stabilizing the gutta percha point and zapping the access opening with your bonding light. This will effectively resist coronal infiltration from saliva and bacteria. MetaSEAL is not recommended for use with warm obturation techniques, as this may shorten working and set times of the material. MetaSEAL is compatible with any cold obturation techniques.

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