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EPIC® AP by Parkell, Inc.


Parkell, Inc.

EPIC®-AP: Expanded versatility for beautiful anterior and posterior restorations. If you’re looking for a composite you can use for every type of restoration, you’ll love Epic-AP. It’s a radiopaque, microhybrid, light-cure composite that is strong enough for large Class II posterior restorations, but finishes beautifully for anterior cosmetics. As you build the restoration, Epic-AP holds its shape. It doesn’t flow or slump, so you can sculpt occlusal anatomy before you hit it with your curing light, which reduces the time spent grinding the occlusion. And, like Epic®-TMPT, because of its proprietary, bonded organic filler, Epic-AP resists wear! In fact, Epic-AP showed only 10 microns of wear per year in a research study conducted by a prominent clinician and university. So, next time you’re reaching for your composite restorative, reach for Epic®-AP.

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