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Oxford Temp by Oxford Scientific

Oxford Temp

Oxford Scientific

Oxford Scientific Dental Products’ line of temporary crown-and-bridge materials consists of Oxford Temp C&B material, Oxford Temp Cem and Oxford Correct. Oxford Temp is a temporary crown-and-bridge material made with multifunctional methacrylic esters—but without methylmethacrylate. As a result, Oxford Temp has superior compressive and diametral tensile strengths and an outstanding elastic modulus. The absence of methylmethacrylate reduces the potential for sensitivity for doctor and patient and increases patient comfort with a lower exothermic heat. Oxford Temp is available in the most popular shades and delivered in a 50 ml/76 gm automix cartridge (10:1). Oxford Temp Cem is an esthetic, dual cure temporary cement provided in a translucent shade. This multifunctional methacrylic ester formulation does not contain eugenol and will not interfere with subsequent bonding procedures. Oxford Temp Cem is available in 5 ml automix syringes for easy application. Oxford Correct is a methacrylate based, light cure flowable composite indicated for use in the repair or modification of Oxford Temp crowns and bridges. Oxford Correct can be used in other applications where a color stable, durable flowable composite is required. Oxford Correct Light Cure Correction material is available in 2 ml syringes in shades matching Oxford Temp.

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