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Visalys® Core by Kettenbach LP

Visalys® Core

Kettenbach LP

Visalys® Core is the first core build-up material from Kettenbach. The fluoride-containing, dual-curing composite was developed for the fabrication of radiopaque core build-ups and core fillings and for cementing root posts.
The product incorporates Active-Connect-Technology (ACT), which is unique in the market. This enables the material to bond actively with all common light-curing and dual-curing, single-step and multi-step adhesives, without an additional activator. The advantage for users is that it allows them to use the bonding agent they are used to – no matter whether it is a light-curing or dual-curing, a single- or multi-bottle system.

Simply a firm foundation – stable and precise
Visalys® Core ensures easy and reliable handling with excellent positional stability. At the same time, it exhibits good flowability and low extrusion force. The excellent compressive strength results in a stable monoblock and a secure bond. Optional light-curing allows the procedure to be continued immediately; reliable self-curing provides for dependable strength even on the cavity floor and in root canals. Excellent polishing characteristics ensure precise preparation; even without light-curing, the smear layer is minimal. The product is also free of Bisphenol A and its derivates.

Visalys® Core is available in dentin and white shades in a 5 ml double syringe and in a 25 ml cartridge. 

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